We released the Nixie set a few months after I launched Emma Lou, and you guys LOVED it. So much so, that it sold out in a week. Since then, I have received countless DMs and texts to restock.. and your wish is my command!! The set is SOO flattering. The high neck and then racerback Nixie top is so supportive and reliable. And then the bottoms are made to SNATCH. Like the reviews on the website are so funny because the Glow Band Leggings slip on like butter but then BAM. SNATCHED. You’re going to love.

My inspo for the shoot when I first released the set has changed so much to now. We did some design revisions for this Nixie set so that it’s perfect. I also was inspired by siren core and mermaid core on Pinterest which gave me my vision for the little shoot we did for Nixie. 

I made this shell cake that I got from Ralphs and took off the sprinkles and then decorated the rest of the cake with shells that I got at Micheal's and painted with metallic paint (don't worry no one ate this). I wanted it to be a fun prop that captured the mermaid vibe I was going for. 

shell cake

These are some of the images that realllllyyy inspired me and what we came up with so I wanted to share  ♡ 

The inspiration 

shell mermaid seashell

The pics!


♡ You can preorder the Nixie set here 



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