Brunette beach lover Emma Vollrath or “Lou-Lou”, grew up in the balmy California sun. Being interested in wellness, she decided to become a personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and start training. Her desire to positively change the way women look at themselves influenced her to create a line to help you look & feel good naked. Wanting to revamp activewear, she combined innovation + fashion to create something women will look forward to slipping on.


Drawing inspiration from fashion shows circa 1970s and 1990s, Emma Lou is all about flattering, newfangled design- made for the sunkissed woman on the go. Whether that’s going from a shoot to barre, or barre to brunch, she’s an icon. Her style is chic, contemporary, and effortlessly ambitious. She is a girl on a mission with a killer skincare routine and a vougish style. Emma Lou is for women everywhere.