If you know me, you know I love a smoothie.. and cinnamon. So when there’s a combination of the two I just become obsessed. I used to drink a smoothie similar to this in high school and remember loving it so much. A couple weeks ago, I randomly decided to make it again and here I am, obsessed. So I'm here to formally introduce my Banana Bread Smoothie1 

You can substitute whatever milk or protein powder you want, I just really love the current mix of ingredients that I have right now. So go ahead and give it a go I promise you will lovvveeeee.

♡ 2 scoops vanilla protein powder

♡ 1 cup of nonfat milk (feel free to substitute)

♡ 1/2 frozen or ripe banana

♡ 4 walnut halfs 

♡ 3-4 drops of vanilla extract 

♡ sprinkle of cinnamon 

♡ 5 ice cubes

sprouts grocery banana smoothie

Lmk what you think if you give it a go! 


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