As a small brand owner, I don’t have the luxury of driving to my own warehouse to work (YET!). But, I do have the luxury of working from home - which I love at the moment. 

I try to make my desk a sanctuary so I don't get overwhelmed and suddenly become stressed because of my desk situation. Plus, I'm here most of the day, so I want to be excited to work there in my cute comfy chair & fuzzy blanket.

Now, let's get into my absolute desk essentials.

♡ candles ♡ 

I normally have a yummy smelling candle out everyday, but because it's the holiday season, I had to get the Voluspa Crushed Candy Cane candle and it's amazing because A) it doesn't give me a headache, and B) it smells like a Christmas tree farm. I highly recommend if you want a subtle, yet festive scent.

♡ fluffy pen 

I talked about these fluffy pens on another blog post too because I just love them so much. They actually make me excited to create a to-do list! I get my Clueless inspired pens from this seller on Etsy & she has so many different colors. I got the white one for Winter but pink is my go to. Call me crazy, but I think having cute stationary helps for productivity. 

♡ soft cover notebook 

On the topic of stationary, I love this notebook which I talked about here as well. I also got this from Etsy and love how it's held up. I got the Cherry Blossom 10x7 notebook & it's perfect for my everyday plan of action. I travel with it everywhere and hasn't had any major wear yet. 

♡ bubble keyboard 

This keyboard is not for everyone & it took me a while to get used to it, but I do love it now that I've used it for a few months. It's the viral Bubble Keyboard from Amazon & it's super satisfying to type on. I have found that having a keyboard & mouse are essential to working from home so I'm not hunched over at my desk all day.

And that concludes my desk essentials! I hope you find any of these recommendations helpful for creating your own cute desk situation!



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