As the weather gets colder and the nights get longer, you can count on me to be curled up inside. I love this time of year to not only focus on prepping myself for the new year, but also setting some ‘me’ time aside to do my favorite cozy things. Here’s what I’m doing when I’m home and wanting to feel all the cozy vibes.

♡ Putting on a comfort Christmas movie ♡ 

Fa la la it's the holiday season! I don't know about you, but I have the movie I pull out when I want to feel my coziest... And that movie is Christmas with the Kranks starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. It's hysterical & truly brings comfort to my heart like no other Christmas movie. It was made back in 2004 so it definitely has that nostalgic feel that you get around the holidays. I highly recommend getting cozy with a blanket and throwing this on. 

You can watch it here!

♡ Drinking peppermint tea out of a cute mug 

Sue me! I love peppermint tea! I talk about this all of the time on the blog but also just in my own life. Peppermint tea has tons of amazing benefits. Besides easing headaches and relaxing muscles, it’s great for drinking before bed because there’s no caffeine and helps sooth the body & mind. I also add honey to mind for a little extra sweetness. My favorite Peppermint tea is this one here! And try adding it to a cute mug.. trust me it makes it taste better. This is the mug from Anthropologie I've been using!

♡ Baking a sweet nostalgic treat 

I swear.. baking gets so much more fun during the holidays! I love to bake year round, but as soon as the Christmas music comes out I feel more inclined to throw on my oven mits if you know what I mean. I get a lot of my baking recipes from the Jessie James Decker cookbooks. They are easy to follow and don't require too many odd things. My favorite is the Puppy Chow, Chocolate brownies, or the cookies. I also use a lot of my moms old recipes when I'm feeling a smidge homesick because it brings me right back to baking at home as a kid.

♡ Wearing a robe 

There's truly no better combination than taking an everything shower and then putting on your warm, comfortable robe. My roommates and I all have our own robes that we all wear at night and it's so funny because everyones robe matches their ~aesthetic~. I have a fuzzy pink one that I got for my birthday and I'll link a similar one here. Wearing a robe also just makes you feel put together in a way which I love. 

I hope you are taking care of yourself this holiday season as it can be stressful for many and that these little cozy tips feel like a warm hug <3 



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