I used to hate switching up my workouts, and had a complex for some reason about HAVING to go to the gym everyday for it to quality as a “workout”. But honestly I don’t do the same workout twice now and it’s because I bounce from Barre, Pilates, Weight training, running, and walking (which I do everyday regardless), and I honestly have never felt better. I’m going to break down my current workout routine that has left me feeling incredible. I use a couple of platforms so I can switch up my workouts and I’ll highlight some of my favorite studios too. 

✿ For Pilates, I try to attend 2-3 classes a week. My favorite studio in Orange County is Escape Pilates (& you can shop Emma Lou there.. it’s a win win!) and I love taking Angie or Lala’s class - the BEST. They both make it so you leave class feeling genuinely good (& sore in the best way). In San Diego, my favorite studio is Pilates Republic! The Empower class is insane and such a transformational workout, I highly recommend. 

✿ For barre, if I’m in the mood to treat myself, I’ll take a class at Pure Barre or The Bar Method. Both are such beautiful and welcoming studios & trust me.. you feel the burn. 

✿ If I can’t make it into the barre studio, I take Barre classes by Britany on the Sweat App, which are so amazing and quick if you need a burn in a pinch. She does express & longer workouts- both are incredible. I try to do barre 2x a week! 

✿ For weights & everything else, I walk at least 1-2 miles everyday- either on the treadmill or outside. I live by the beach so a beach walk is usually what the doctor orders. If I’m in a pinch and didn’t sign up for any Pilates or barre workouts, it’s off to the gym I go. I walk for 30-40 mins, and then do about 20 minutes of weights. I wrote a detailed blog post on exactly what I do on the treadmill here. I use the Sweat app or the Sculpt Society to find a 20-30 minute weighted workout that targets a specific body part, or a full body workout. 

It’s important to switch up your workouts so you don’t get bored and keep it fun! I’ve noticed that me changing up my workouts has changed my body in the best ways. 

So don’t be afraid to switch it up and be fluid with it. 



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