I was a personal trainer and a private pilates instructor for a couple of years, and the majority of my clients were concerned with their lower stomach. The most common complaint was centered around bloating, which I’m sure some of you can relate! My clients were so obsessed with their lower stomach bloat and wanting to get rid of it, that they were coming in with Saran Wrap around their stomachs (yes, like what you’d have in your kitchen!), and wearing super constricting waist trainers. I’m well versed in the fitness space, so I was aware of these extreme diet pills and binding stomach solutions during the time. My clients always rushed straight from our training sessions home because they didn’t want to wear out their waist trainers or saran wrap to run errands.

I knew there had to be something I could create that would solve the lower stomach bloating & water weight problem in women. Fast forward to months later, I was testing out the recycled thermoplastic fabric that my manufacturer and I came up with. After months of testing, the production could begin and I was finally able to see my clients wear the leggings I had dreamt of. If you aren’t already familiar, all of our leggings & jumpsuits are designed with the Glow Band™, a recycled thermoplastic fabric that helps ease bloat & decrease water weight in the lower stomach area. 

I wanted to tell you guys exactly how I’m wearing the Glow Band & when I'm wearing it since I get tons of questions about this.

I love a jumpsuit, which is why I had to release the Judy Jumpsuit as fast as I could because I kept getting asked where I got it from and wanted to point you in the right direction. I wear the Judy when I have a pilates class with some cute leg warmers to feel like a pilates princess, or when I'm going on my hot girl walk. It truly holds everything together and makes you feel super snatched. Sometimes if I'm lazy I'll just wear it all day after pilates class to get a little extra sweat in. It's not like you are uncomfortably sweating with the Glow Band on, but you can feel your waistband working!

If I'm doing something a little more high impact & want extra support, I'll opt for the Nixie set because the top and leggings are extra supportive. It's also just a gorgeous shade of blue that will make you feel like a beach babe. 

If I'm doing a hot workout class or just wanting to mix any accessory I have with my outfit, I'll reach for the Toby set which is our classic staple set that literally goes with anything. 

In all of our sets, you'll find the Glow Band, so you won't miss out on the benefits no matter what set your heart desires! Some of the Glow Band benefits are..

♡ Decreased bloating in the lower stomach area by heat-trapping

♡ Supports the body's natural detoxification process

♡ Lessens water weight retention in the lower stomach area 

I meannnn.. why not look absolutely fab in one of our sets & reap the benefits too! 

What's your favorite set?



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