When I was younger I loved pink. Like allllll things pink and dainty. As I grew older, I kind of strayed from all of the cute things I used to love or accessories I used to wear because I thought I grew out of it (disclaimer... definitely did not!). 

But now, years later, I reverted to all of those things again. Cute hair accessories, ballet flats, stickers, sequins, etc… all the frilly stuff that I'm allowing myself to love again.  

You may have seen balletcore on Pinterest or Tiktok, but it has let me get back to what I love. And I’m not really talking about ballet, I’m talking about the nostalgic, feminine, comforting stuff that used to make me me. When I was younger, I just felt so much more carefree, and these qualities help me get back to that. Below are some of my favorite Balletcore items that make me ~nostalgic~ in the best way.


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♡ Judy Jumpsuit ♡ sorry not sorry that I’m mentioning this piece heheh. This onesie makes me feel like a prima ballerina and I love going to pilates in it because I feel so much more put together (& snatched). I also love to wear a pink sweater over it and feel cutesy. 

 Ballet Slippers   I got a pair of vintage ballet slippers from this Etsy store and I LOVE them! I got a black pair with a cute little strap and then I got a baby pink pair too. I wear them with the Judy Jumpsuit and jeans which the perfect shoe to transition into the fall season.      

via Pinterest

 Strawberry Tea Cup ♡ I love feeling cozy because it reminds me of my childhood, and nothing makes me feel cozier than a warm cup of tea in a mug with strawberries on it. I try to drink a cup of peppermint tea every night while I’m cozy in my bed reading or watching a show and it’s THE BEST.  

♡ Leg Warmers ♡ I was so happy to see that these were coming back in style. When I was younger I always loved to wear leg warmers for fun. I love the look of these with my ballet flats which is what I did for this little Emma Lou content shoot we did and loved it.

ballet core Emma lou

♡ Hair Bow Do you remember wearing these to school?! This bow clip from Emi Jay is perfect because I throw it in my hair with a plain outfit and I feel put together and cute. I think for fall I'm going to get a brown one too. 

What reminds you of your childhood?


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