It’s summer. It’s hot. I get oily easily. Which is why these beauty products are exactly what I’m sticking to this summer to make me feel good and glow-y. Plus, I pretty much use my fingers to apply this since it’s so foolproof & easy. 

makeup flat lay

♡ Dibs Beauty Highlighter in the shade High Road I got this as a freebie from an event and packed it with me when I went to San Diego, and fell in love. It’s so light and natural. I applied this on my cheekbones, upper lip, corner of my eyelids, and center of my nose. I felt like a glow-y mermaid.

♡ Rare Beauty Bronze Stick in Happy Sol I’m almost out of this entire tube which just shows you how much I love it! It’s so easy to apply with your fingers & leaves you with a natural contour. Maybe it’s just me but I think it smells good too.

♡ Merit Flush Balm in Beverly Hills I saw Matilda Djerf wearing this so of course I was influenced to purchase. I pat the blush on my cheekbones and kind of near my eyebrows, and across my nose. It’s so natural and looks like you just got back from the beach. I wear this on days I’m not wearing any other makeup either and it still looks so good.

♡ Merit Complexion Stick You guys…. I literally have never had a better “foundation” in my life. It’s so freaking creamy and light. I apply this with my fingers too if I don’t use the Merit brush. It is light enough where you can apply one layer and be good, or use multiple coats for a deeper coverage.

♡ Saie Beauty Mascara I live for a mascara that doesn’t clump and one that makes my lashes look like wings LOL and this does just the trick. It’s light and natural but also gives you that added oomf.. you know?

♡ MAC Lip liner in Soar As you can probably tell by the photo, this liner is a bit beat up- but it’s for a good cause. I have one of these in every bag because I don’t feel like I need a heavy lip for it either. I can just apply the liner alone and be good to go. The shade of pink is so cute and I always over line a little.

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