If you don’t already know, I run my brand out of my house. Luckily I've upgraded from storing inventory boxes stacked in my hallway and stored under my Ikea bed, to a Harry-Potter-like closet, so I actually have a small space now! But, I still need my essential supplies that help me keep going and help me run Emma Lou on an everyday basis.

If you have a brand or just want to elevate your work from home setup, I’m going to share a list of my all- time favorite work essentials. 

✿ Thank you cards I always like to write a personalized note for each order. I love receiving them when I order something online, and I always feel so special. So I love to do the same for all of the lovely people who support me!

✿ Felt Pens I love these pens! These are what I use to write my thank you cards with and pretty much fill my notebook with. This pack comes with like 12 pens and I put one in every purse, backpack, and always stick one in my notebook- so good.

 Laptop Stand Hunching at my desk became the norm for me, and I was starting to slouch everywhere I went. This laptop stand helps me sit up straighter and is so much easier on my back. Makes me feel a little more professional too.

✿ Keyboard & Mouse Some people might be annoyed by this sound this keyboard makes, but TBH it’s so soothing for me. I love the feeling of typing- you know? This keyboard also comes in so many cute colors. I got the blue and white one and love it.

 Wardrobe Rack this is ESSENTIAL for all of my pop up shops for me to wheel my clothes in and out of where I need to set up. It’s nice to display my clothing on two separate racks too and people love it.

✿ Sign Holder I love these sign holders because this is where I’ll put payment a method graphic, a little more information about the brand, and then a price menu. It’s helpful for people to do a scan-through of what your brand encompasses so they can learn more and hopefully you’ll gain a customer! 

 Flower and pop up shop set up

I hope these products are helpful for you and your work from home situation!



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