Hi guys! My name is Katie and I currently live in Southern California as a freelance writer. As a long time supporter of Emma Lou and Emma herself, I wanted to share a few travel tips with you all as vacation season approaches.

It’s time to dust off your passport and grab your bags, because we’re going on vacation! Summer is the perfect time for travel, but it can get overwhelming. Dealing with crowded airports, early flights, and figuring out what to pack can be difficult. Not to mention finding the perfect airport outfit (hint, hint, we have one for you!) and ensuring you have all the essentials in your carry-on. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our mini travel guide, even if you’re just taking a mental vacation. Everyone deserves some rest & relaxation!

Let’s start with carry-on essentials. 

 ♡ Hand cream. Flights dehydrate your skin, so this is perfect to have on hand throughout your trip. My favorite is by Necessarie, because it’s fragrance-free. I find myself using a lot of hand sanitizer on flights (this is my go-to), so the hand cream is definitely necessary afterwards. 

♡ Book/notebook. Long flights are perfect for disconnecting for a while, so it's a great time to journal or read. You can write down thoughts about your trip, positive manifestations, or general life goals. If you’re more of a reader, opt for something that interests you and use the flight as an opportunity to devote time to your literary ventures. 

♡ Lip balm. Just like hand cream, it becomes a necessity for flying! My favorite is by Summer Fridays. It’s non-sticky and smells amazing, and the tinted versions offer a little something extra during those long travel days. 

♡ Headphones. I love to listen to music while I read, and sometimes even the noise-cancelling features on headphones work wonderfully for sleeping or zoning-out in a book. If you’re using bluetooth headphones, make sure they are charged the night before so you’re prepared for your flight. 

♡ Face mist. If you have dry skin, this might be a new favorite for you. There’s something so refreshing about spraying this on your face after landing; it can really help you feel rejuvenated after traveling. My favorite facial mist comes in a mini size, so you can keep in your carry-on with ease. 

♡ Here’s an airport outfit featuring our newest release, Judy. The one piece is perfect for traveling because it eliminates space in your suitcases, and the built in Glow Band helps you feel your best. 

travel essentials


 - Katie 

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