As you may have seen, I just released some cutie new accessories on the site. I was always nervous to venture out of clothing since that’s my main focus, but people are always asking for ways they can support the brand, so I thought why not make some fun accessories!! 

I decided to design some hats, headbands, and stickers. I love to design and stick to a theme, so these pieces are all inspired by things coquette, ditsy floral, and the sunny seasons ahead. I also am obsessed with strawberries and wanted to incorporate that somehow into a design (hence the headbands & stickers hehe). I grew up growing our own strawberries and going to pick them, so I just knew I was going to have to make something with them. 

Let’s talk about the trucker hat. I am super into brown, and wanted the hat to be unisex, so the tan & brown was the perfect combo. Plus, it really made the pink tone stand out with the cutie little cake on there. The hat is super cushioned on the inside, so you don’t get that hat headache we all dread. It goes with so many of our sets that I can’t stop wearing it.

Now the headbands.. yes, just yes. The same pink that’s on the stickers & the hat is the same printed on the Emma Lou and the strawberry design. The band is also so soft & stretchy. I use it when I wash my face or when I go to pilates and need my hair to stay out of my face (I have layers so this just comes in CLUTCH). Wearing these types of headbands brings back so many happy nostalgic memories.

The stickers. The moment. The sticker pack comes with 7 stickers and they fit perfectly on your phone & laptop, which mine are covered in already. And let me just say, I was working at Starbucks (ordered an iced chai w/ almond milk- my FOREVER order) and I had 3 people come up to me and tell me how cute my stickers were! I designed these based off of one of my Pinterest boards which is all about cottages, the forest, pink, cakes, tea parties.. you know, the good stuff. I love these little guys so much.

I can’t wait to see how you accessorize! 


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