It's a new year! Which means, I, of course have 5 new things I'm obsessed with & have to share them with you. Let's get into the list. 

Emma Lou tote bag ✿

I absolutely love carrying a tote bag to and from pilates, coffee shops, the post office, and running errands. The handles are nice and sturdy and the print is just too cute. There's a mini pocket on the inside with a zipper so you can keep your keys or favorite lip products in there.  As you can see, my fave products are below! And I carry the Clara set with me everywhere! 


Skinny Confidential Dry Brush 

I loveeee to dry brush. So when I saw that Lauryn Bosstick came out with her own dry brush I had to get one. Dry brushing is an amazing addition to your morning routine. Some benefits to the dry brush are removing dead skin cells, promotes blood flow, reduces inflammation, and flushes toxins out - according to the Skinny Confidential. Plus, I use some body oil to help rub everything in and it feels so luxurious & feminine. 10/10 recommend! 

✿ being excited 

I saw this quote on Instagram and immediately had to screenshot & save it to my camera roll. Being excited is such an easy way to feel happy. I love to get excited about my workouts, my little beverage in the morning, a good book, calling my boyfriend or a good friend, or working on all things Emma Lou. When life starts feeling a bit too much like a routine, it can get boring. So get excited! You deserve it :)

✿ Emma Lou branding ✿

I am obsessed with good branding. I recently had a small rebrand to fit where the brand is at currently and of course I had to order everything with our logo on it, including this adorable custom matchboxes for an upcoming brand event. Adding your own touch on objects that people use is such a good way to create brand awareness. 

✿ slow living & being present ✿

The whole "slow living" era became super relevant on TikTok and basically blew up. It means that you take your times in the mornings for you, maybe live in a calmer environment, be softer & kinder to yourself, and just overall being present and lovely. At least that's how I think of it! Luckily, I live by the beach so I'm always using the ocean as a way to remind myself that everything will be okay & to not take life so serious. Be present with the ones in front of you & just be nice. It all translates, but I think that slow living is whatever makes you feel most at peace & happy with yourself and your environment. After all, Spring is coming, which means it's a perfect time to start fresh.


Wishing you all an amazing start to your New Year!! 


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