There is something so rewarding about walking out of a hot pilates class. Maybe it's the glowing skin, tired muscles, increased endorphins... or all of the above. I fell in love with taking hot pilates classes about year ago and have never looked back.

Think hot yoga, but classical mat pilates exercises. The room is heated to 90-95 degrees, and hand weights are usually involved. Hot Pilates uses a lot of variations and repetitions of Pilates core and back-strengthening exercises with adding in some spicy squats, lunges, and mountain climbers.

On top of getting in an incredible mood-boosting workout, studies show that Pilates can improve quality of life through improvements in strength, balance, flexibility, mobility, and injury prevention... what's not to LOVE. 

I bring my sleek, black mat to every class which supports my knees and doesn't hurt my wrists. Alongside my mat, I bring a pilates princess approved water bottle that I fill up with a splash of Multiple Minerals to help me stay hydrated, even in the heat. To elevate the experience even more, I bring microfiber towels for sweat. I also can't take a class without wearing an Emma Lou Glow Band to make my stomach sweat even more.. it's a complete detox here! 

There is something fun about being excited for taking a workout class that you know is going to benefit you throughout the day & in the future. This is my go-to workout class that I will be continuing to take to prep me for the upcoming warmer seasons.


It's always a good idea to consult a health professional before starting a new workout practice! 

I hope you love hot pilates as much as I do!!


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