There are a few (5 to be specific) things that I currently am obsessed with. Not obsessed in like a weird way but just really love. HERE WE GO.

✿ Vintage Betsy Johnson. I don’t know if this is too niche, but I have purchased a couple of vintage Betsy dresses recently via Depop, and am so happy about them. I found Steph Ermer’s page and she is a Betsy Johnson expert and my latest dress was from her Depop. It was a cherry print slip dress and all I can say is… AMAZING. 

✿ I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jenette McCurdy. When I was little, I was such an iCarly stan, so hearing her “behind the scenes” with her family was craaaazy wild. I finished it in a couple of days because I was so intrigued. Couldn’t put this one down.

✿ ICE Antioxidant Water. My mom introduced these to me a couple of months ago and I am actually hooked. The Fruit Punch flavor is everything I dream of. I used to be a huge soda drinker, and sometimes I crave a large Diet Coke with ice, but I can honestly say now I crave an ICE like everyday. They have 0 sugar and supposedly they have some vitamins in there too, but I don’t really care I just love them. 

✿ Glassware. Plates, mugs, teapots, vases… you name it. I love to thrift, but recently I’ve found myself going straight to the kitchen section and checking out some fun glassware. I found this cutie strawberry plate that I just listed on Depop too. I’ll link some cool pieces here :) 

✿ Merit Beauty. Specifically the Flush Balm in Beverly Hills & the Minimalist Foundation/Concealer stick. I can do my makeup in like 3 minutes with these two products & it actually looks super natural and glow-y without having to try super hard. Perfect for summer!

That just about sums up what I am obsessed with right now. Hope you enjoyed!



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