I’m such an advocate for supporting other female owned business because let’s face it.. it’s not easy running your own brand. When I first started this list there was almost 30 brands, but I had to narrow it down for the sake of everyone’s time (& wallet). So let’s get into some of my fave female owned brands.

✿ Beauty Booze. This is a distilled vodka cocktail created by Amanda (who I had the pleasure meeting!) who is a certified Nutritionist & Herbalist who takes ingredients super seriously. You guys… the Clementine Paloma Splash is so refreshing & crisp. I recommend busting one of these babies open on a hot day with your best gals or by the pool.

✿ SLB Workouts. Lauren is a woman of her craft & someone who I believe holds some magic power when it comes to sculpting your body like crazy. Every time I do one of her workouts I am sore in the best way the next day. Her workouts are a combo of cardio, pilates, weights.. the good stuff. I love to do these at home with a pair of dumbbells or her no equipment workouts. 

✿ Picked for Perfection. If you’re local to Southern California & want fresh, vibrant flowers, I highly recommend Picked for Perfection. They put together the most beautiful flower arrangements for parties, weddings, birthdays, literally you name it and they have a flower that matches any aesthetic. 

✿ By Bessette. In my last blog post, I talked about my obsession with vintage glass. This store just contributes to my obsession with the cutest, most dainty vintage pieces ever. I have purchased a few things from here and can’t say enough good things. The finds here are so unique & fun. Like who doesn’t want a vintage nesting bowl? Idk.. 

✿ Emi Jay. Maybe some of you have heard of this brand (or are wearing a claw clip from them right now LOL), but their products have my heart. I am a sucker for a detail and let me tell you.. they always put the cutest little details on all of their products. The clip I’m wearing right now is the Sweetheart Clip with the cherry details and UGH I just love it. 

If you are a female brand owner or know anyone who is, drop any website or IG links in the comments! Always looking for more. 



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