I am not one of those people who can skip breakfast. After my workouts I always look forward to coming home and whipping up a little something. Right now I am hyper-fixated on cottage cheese (as I’m sure most of us are thanks to TikTok) and it fills me up until lunch which I love. 

My brother introduced me to this *very* specific combination that you have to try. 

♡ I first pop in a piece of sourdough bread into the toaster. I usually buy from a local brand from the farmers market, but any sourdough bread will do! 

♡ While the toast is toasting, I throw some sun-dried tomatoes on a pan and let those babies simmer and crisp a bit. 

♡ Now that everything is in motion, I wait for the bread to be done so I can spread some cottage cheese on there. I am obsessed with the Good Culture cottage cheese, and don’t think I’ll ever experiment with another. It’s so good wow I’m thinking about eating it as we speak. 

♡ So, with your toast with some Good Culture cottage cheese and crispy sun-dried tomatoes, all we need now is some Spicy Honey to drizzle. I get this from Trader Joe’s and it’s incredible. 

Voila! You have now made my absolute favorite breakfast that isn’t only good for you, but tastes like a dream.

Tell me how you like it!



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