You may have heard about Colostrum, as it’s all the rage right now on TikTok and Instagram via wellness communities. In case you aren’t familiar — Colostrum is the first form of breastmilk that’s released after giving birth. It’s extremely high in antibodies and antioxidants to help strengthen the immune system. I first heard about colostrum from Lauryn Bosstick, who is queen of all things wellness, so I wanted to try it myself.  

The Process:

I did lots of research about which Colostrum brands are best and had the most research behind them. I narrowed it down between Miracle Moo and Armra. I found more research and testimonials about Armra, so that’s the one I decided to go with! Once on the Armra site, they provide tons of insight and research on what exactly colostrum does, which I needed because I was feeling a little skeptical. They offer Immunity and Performance Revival, but I was focused more on the Immunity Revival which claims to rebuild your microbiome and immune system - this got me excited! It comes in a bulk jar or stick packs with the perfect serving size and 4 different flavors. I wanted to start simple, so I added the “Unflavored” Armra colostrum to my cart and stalked the shipping until it arrived.

Trying Armra & How it went: 

It took about 4 days to arrive and I was so excited to dig into my unflavored stick packs and mix it in my new Stanley cup. I poured the first packet in there which is 0.30 oz/ 1g and stirred it up with my new froth wand. Initially I couldn't taste anything when I mixed it in the water, but I did swallow the power dry one time just to see, and it was definitely a milky aftertaste - kind of like a Milky Way. I've actually come to look forward to doing this ritual every morning now!

As I’m writing this I’ll have been taking Armra for about 14 days, and can honestly say I wake up feeling extremely energized and clear-headed. And you know me, always trying to de-bloat, and by taking Armra everyday & wearing my Glow Band leggings on my hot girl walks & workouts has been such a magical combination when it comes to combating bloat. 

I've had a few small breakouts, but for me, this is completely normal when I introduce a new supplement to my routine! I have noticed overall tighter skin on my face which is always a plus. I think if you're on the fence about Colostrum, I say to go for it! I am so happy I went with Armra as the ingredients are clean and good for your body - both inside & out! 

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