I'm always planning content. Like always, & at this point it just falls into my “daily to-do’s”. It’s one of the many parts about having a brand, and something you always should stay on top of. 

I try to pair each set that comes out with a certain ~vibe~. Spring is one of my favorite seasons (besides Autumn), so I've been wanting each set to feel really fun and light. Something about the newness that Spring brings makes me super happy. And for the last Emma Lou shoot, I wanted it to be super ditsy, nostalgic, & girly. 

I normally start out with a Pinterest board and gather cutie images that I use as inspo for the shoot, and then from there, scout the location, choose the sets I want to use, and then the best part: accessories (& food!). 

Since I knew this content shoot was going to be a picnic, I made those viral thumbprint heart cookies, and stopped at Trader Joe’s for the cutest Chocolate Mousse Heart cake & these mini Raspberry cakes. The cookies were a hit for everyone on set & I will 100% be making them again. 

I picked up the cake stand from Amazon, and it worked out perfectly to put the mini cakes on. For the location, my neighbor down the street has the most beautiful backyard with fresh, luscious grass, so in exchange for some cookies, we set up there and shot the photos. 

I love taking pictures of Elle and Toby because of how vibrant the colors come out and how I can pair the sets with props and accessories. I've noticed that for content photos for social media, it always helps to take pictures that have tons of cute accessories and flowers. It helps create a story with the photos so it's not directly just trying to sell you something! 

You don't have to spend tons of money on photoshoots either, scouting a natural location and buying (or making) some props doesn't have to cost much either. Pinterest has tons of cute recipes and inspiration you can use next time you are planning content! Stick to a theme and accessorize accordingly, and you are going to slay all your photos. 



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