If you’re like me and love a wellness tip here and there, you’e going to leave this blog post with a few extra products and things to check off your wellness list. All of these items on the list have been tested and tried by yours truly, so let’s get into it. 

♡ Face Ice Bath ♡ 

If you also wake up feeling a little puffy or out of it, you'll love this one. Icing your face has been proven to reduce acne & calm flare ups, eliminate puffiness, and increases the skins natural glow (hallelujah). I love to grab a bowl that fits my entire face and fill it with ice right when I wake up. I usually try to hold my breath for about 10 seconds while my face is in the ice and do this 3 or 4 times. And I usually wake up anxious, so doing an ice bath for the face helps calm & ground me. I got this bowl from Amazon and it's perfect! 

♡ Lululemon Yoga Mat 

I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts that I have been absolutely loving Hot Pilates. I tried out one of my pilates studios yoga mats and it was a Lululemon mat which I had never used before & loved it for the workout. I ended up buying one & love brining it to any mat focused class! It's super supportive on my knees and absorbs sweat nicely + is easy to clean. It is a little heavy so I would suggest getting a yoga mat strap on Amazon so you can carry it easier! Maybe I need to make one for Emma Lou next... 

♡ Clara Set by Emma Lou ♡ 

Our newest set release, the Clara set, is near & dear to my heart! The material you guys... it's magic. Everyone who has purchased the set can't believe how nicely it fits on your body and flatters you. I just adore the top as it's adjustable & has a criss cross top so emphasizes your collar bones & shoulders. The Leggings are also just chefs kiss. I feel like we all crave a really reliable pair of black yoga pants, and this is it. Made with our recycled thermoplastic waistband - the Glow Band, you'll be sure to absolutely stunt in the Clara Set. 

♡ Metal Gua Sha 

I kept seeing this metal Gua Sha on TikTok and how it doesn't break like a lot of the glass ones, so I had to try. When it arrived, I loved how heavy it was and felt like super good quality. So far, I have taken my metal Gua Sha on a few trips and she is staying sturdy! I looked up on Pinterest and watched some YouTube videos on how to properly Gua Sha the face, so I'll attach an image below on how I do it and hope you find joy in it too! 

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