From the moment I wake up from the time I go to bed, there’s always something going on. At the end of the day, I need a little potion to help me feel calm and ready to sleep. I got into drinking tea about a year ago and I’ll never go back. I love making my little tea in my strawberry mug and curling up with a good book. Especially now that it’s fall- YAY! Here are 4 of my favorite teas to wind down and feel good. 

♡ Peppermint Tea  this has to be my all time favorite tea! Peppermint tea has tons of amazing benefits. Besides easing headaches and relaxing muscles, it’s great for drinking before bed because there’s no caffeine and helps sooth the body & mind. I also add honey to mind for a little extra sweetness. My favorite Peppermint tea is this one here!


♡ Chamomile Tea  I love this tea! I get the one from Trader Joe’s and it always does the trick for becoming sleepy. There’s a delicate floral flavor and instantly soothes. Chamomile is known to have amazing stress-relieving benefits and has a similar effect to your body as anxiety medication does.

♡ Dandelion Root Tea  this tea not only supports a healthy digestive system since dandelion root is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Also, another amazing benefit to Dandelion root is that it can help with bloating! And you know me, always looking for ways to de-bloat. 

♡ Sleepytime Tea with Valerian Root  This specific herb has super mild sedative properties which helps you sleep. Valerian Root has also been proven to help reduce anxiety.  Valerian root helps calm the nervous system and improving your sleeping patterns. My favorite tea blend can be found here. 

It's important to use everything in moderation, but sipping tea at nighttime is a great way to help ease anxiety and stress. Do your research to find out which one works best for you & don't be afraid to try new things!

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