Everyone has their go to drink... you know the one that you just can't go a day without. For me, that's an iced chai. A creamy vanilla, sweet chai - lots of ice. I found myself (as I'm sure most of us do) going to get my cute little drink every single day - 7 days a week.. you know, treating myself. But it was getting to be too much of a task & money pit when I realized I could just make my own at home. The best part is, I can have it whenever I want.

So after a few failed iced chai concoctions, I finally landed the perfect one and it's actually the easiest thing you'll ever make. Trust me. This stuff is so good that I made over a gallon for the Emma Lou Pilates Princess Party & it was run dry by the end of the event. 

Take out your favorite glass - mine is this cherry one from Anthropologie that I have to drink out of everyday. 

Next grab your choice of milk. This was kind of the tricky part because I wanted the exact oat milk that the baristas were using at the coffee shops so I did some digging and found out about the Califia Oat Barista Blend & knew I had struck gold. It's different than the "regular" oat milks because it's not thick. This one is creamy and rich let me tell you. So if you are into oat milk - this one should do the trick. I also will use 2% Milk and it's creamy too! 

Now here's the kicker. I went through a few concentrates to find the one that I was obsessed with and landed on the Tazo Classic Chai Latte concentrate. I tried a few others and none captures that vanilla iced chai flavor like this one. I pour half of the oat milk, and half of the concentrate to mix the perfect blend of beverages. 

Once everything is mixed, I grab a handful (or 2) of ice & mix it all together. This part is optional but just makes it that much more enjoyable. Splash a bit of cinnamon in there too if you really love the whole warm vanilla flavor.

And there you go folks! I make this everyday & can honestly say I'm not even close to being sick of it. It's delicious & easy to make on those busy days! 

What's your favorite at-home drink?

xoxo Emma 

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