sculpt it out

Sculpt it out

Sculpt your way into an Emma Lou Hot Pilates class. We are bringing you a limited mat pilates sweat series that will sculpt & define your body.

the method

The Method

Emma Lou Hot Pilates is an infrared, mat Pilates studio where you will sculpt, strengthen, & seamlessly sweat. Classes are heated with infrared heaters to get your movement flowing & blood pumping.



This is our full body focused hot mat class - a dynamic blend of strength, flexibility, and controlled movement. In Sugar, we'll incorporate weights and resistance bands to sculpt & define your body. With a focus on low-impact exercises, this class is perfect for all fitness levels. Join us for a challenging yet mindful workout that will leave you feeling stronger, more flexile, and sculpted. No jumping, just pure pilates burn!
50 minutes heated


Welcome to our hot pilates HIIT focused class, Honey. Ignite your metabolism in this sweaty session that combines your favorite pilates moves and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Utilizing weights and resistance bands, you'll sculpt and strengthen your body in our heated studio. Experience the perfect synergy of Pilates principles and heart-pumping intervals, leaving you with a full-body burn and a revitalized sense of accomplishment.
50 minutes heated